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Material Testing Labs

As MSMEs cater to various industries, the durability and reliability of the products manufactured by them are very critical. It is important that they adhere to national and international standards.

NSIC, through its various testing laboratories accredited by NABL / BIS, provides material and product testing, energy audit, facilities, thus, enhancing their overall competitiveness. These Centre are equipped with the State of the Art indigenous equipments for carrying out performance and acceptance tests in the fields of chemical, material, electrical, motor & pumps, metallurgical etc.

All technical Centre are equipped with the collection of the sample for testing in spite of their expertise. Transit time would be extra.

Centre Wise Testing Details

Name of Centre Testing Name Testing Name Testing Name Testing Name Testing Name
NTSC Chennai Electrical Testing Pump & Motor Testing
NTSC Howrah Chemical Testing Mechanical Testing
NTSC Hyderabad CNG Machining Energy Auditing (Electrical)
NTSC Okhla Chemical Testing Material Testing Mechanical Testing
NTSC Rajkot Diesel Engine Testing Material Testing Pump & Motor Testing Plastic Testing Electrical Testing

Testing Wise Details

Testing Name Name of Centre Name of Centre
Chemical Testing NTSC Okhla NTSC Howrah
CNG Machining NTSC Hyderabad
Diesel Engine Testing NTSC Rajkot
Electrical Testing NTSC Chennai NTSC Rajkot
Energy Auditing (Electrical) NTSC Hyderabad
Material Testing NTSC Okhla NTSC Rajkot
Mechanical Testing NTSC Okhla NTSC Howrah
Pump & Motor Testing NTSC Chennai NTSC Rajkot
Plastic Testing NTSC Rajkot

Updated : 19.02.2019