National Small Industries Corporation

(A Government of India Enterprise)

Facilitating the Growth of Small Enterprise since 1955

Expression of Interest for NSIC-MSME Aggregation Services

The National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) Limited, a Government of India enterprise, would soon launch an online aggregator service to cater to small industries in areas such as raw materials and logistics.

The Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) requires services like Machine Supplies, Software, Hardware Supports, Media Communications etc. There is a constant request from MSME units for availing these services on transparent and affordable prices. NSIC renders holistic services to MSME and would like to facilitate services in unmet areas of MSME sector. NSIC is now seeking EoI from Manufacturers, Service Providers, Dealer etc., for on-boarding the product & services to MSME units through NSIC “Aggregation Model”.

The seller & buyer will be facilitated through NSIC by signing a MOU and wherever financial assistance is required, the same will be also made available through financial institutions on-boarded with the NSIC. Terms like registration fees for seller, services charges per transaction etc., will be clarified when the guidelines are finalised.

When NSIC enters into aggregating goods and services for small industries, the prices would be streamlined. There would be price moderation in the industry.

The aggregator would not only bring together raw materials, but also logistics providers, software developers and finance companies. The aggregator, by means of directly connecting sellers and buyers, would bring down the number of links in the chain and subsequently, would lower the cost of products and services. It would help industries compare prices of goods and services and go for moderate prices. NSIC would extend such services through e-commerce and the online aggregator portal.

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