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Parliamentary Delegation from Uganda Visits NSIC Livelihood Business Incubation centre

05 Jul 2019
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Shri Satvinder Singh,CGM( Tech) welcomed the High level delegation led by Hon’ble Amos Lugoloobi alongwith Members of the Parliament of Uganda to, NSIC. The Delegation from Uganda also visited NSIC’s Technical Incubation Centre for creating self employment opportunities and Advanced Training Centre for upgrading the skills of Youth. The Members from the Parliament of Uganda expressed that NSIC’s model is the apt model for engaging youth in productive activities in Uganda.Also present on this occasion were Shri O.P.Singh,Centre Head,NTSC (Okhla),Shri Sunil Tyagi,GM( International Cooperation),Shri S.H.Siddiqui ,DGM(International Cooperation ) and Shri Avinash Panwar,Deputy Manager.

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